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CURE International India Trust (CIIT) began its service from April 2009 with a goal to eradicate disability caused by clubfoot in India and at present over 9,500 children are enrolled in this program nationwide. With over 150 children being born with clubfoot in India every day, the role of CIIT in establishing free clubfoot clinics is very relevant and significant. Through this initiative, CIIT aims to enlighten the public that clubfoot can be treated and neglected clubfoot leads to lifetime disability.

CURE International India Trust functions on behalf of CURE International, a global Healthcare NGO committed to establish teaching hospitals, wherever there is a need, and establish specialty programs globally. To begin with CIIT decided to work with clubfoot children in India as part of the CURE Clubfoot Worldwide (CCW).

From its inception CIIT has worked primarily with government healthcare programs. This not only helps CIIT establish clubfoot clinics which provide care at no cost to families, but also allows CIIT to reach the poorest of the poor. With the partnering state governments, CIIT agreed to manage weekly clubfoot clinics with the orthopedic department in government medical colleges and hospitals. In the partnership, government entities commit to assign doctors who will participate in the free clubfoot weekly clinics and ensure that the casting materials are available for the treatment. State office space is also allotted.

Major roles of CIIT in this partnership are:

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CIIT expresses it gratitude to the following partners for their gracious support and collegial collaboration for their individual and collective efforts to eradicate the disability caused by clubfoot within India:

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What is Clubfoot?

Clubfoot is one of the most common birth deformities that affects over 2,00,000 new born children every year in the world. Children born with clubfoot have feet turned inwards, pointed downwards, and bent in the middle. In India it is estimated between 40,000 and 50,000 children are born with clubfoot every year. The incidence of clubfoot is 1-2 in every 1000 child birth. Goal of CURE Clubfoot India is to eventually eradicate disability caused by clubfoot in India.

Clubfoot has grave physical and social consequences. If untreated, educational and employment opportunities are less for the children born with clubfoot, and in addition, mothers of children with physical disabilities have to spend more time looking after them and therefore have less time for their other children or for domestic, agricultural or economic activities. This often results in a reduced standard of living for the entire family. There are cases where the mother is held responsible for the deformity in the child. Some people misunderstand clubfoot with polio, whereas with Ponseti Method, Clubfoot is treatable and can be corrected.

What is the Ponseti Method?

Named for the late Dr. Igancio Ponseti, the Ponseti method is a specific method of manipulation to stretch contracted ligaments which uses a prescribed formula of serial casting, tenotomy (under local anesthesia), bracing, and follow-up visits. When an infant is recognized to have clubfoot, the Ponseti method is regarded as the most effective method to treat clubfoot. It is easy – it is performed in outpatient clinics. It is effective – 90% of clubfeet are successfully treated. A 45-year post-treatment study show mobile, pain-free, flexible feet. There is minimal scarring and bone development is not hindered. It is efficient and economical – treatment occurs from birth, with complete correction often within 2-3 months, using affordable supplies and equipment. The tenotomy is a minimally invasive surgery able to be performed in an outpatient clinic setting using local anesthesia.

Clinic Locations


Jammu and Kashmir Himachal Pradesh Uttarakhand Punjab Haryana Delhi Rajasthan Gujarat Maharashtra Goa Karnataka Kerala Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Bihar West Bengal Chhattisgarh Orissa Jharkhand Sikkim Meghalaya Tripura Mizoram Manipur Nagaland Assam Arunachal Pradesh

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Why Give to CURE International India?

CURE International India Trust (CIIT) is an organization dedicated to eradicating the disability caused by clubfoot within India. We bring the strength of a network through our association with CURE Clubfoot Worldwide (CCW), which is a program managed and supported by CURE International. Our Regional Manager, Dr. Santosh George, resides in our national office in Delhi. Currently we have dozens of clinics scattered throughout ten different states and territories, supported by our approximately 65 dedicated staff, and we serve more than 300 doctors who are committed to provide Ponsetti Method of Clubfoot Management.

Through the gracious support of our partner organizations, including the state ministries of health, we are able to provide this course of treatment at no cost to the family of the child. And we extend our services to more children with your help. Your gift of 10,000 Rupees to CIIT allows us to treat another child in the course of care necessary and allow the girl or boy the chance to run … to play … to wear shoes … to go to school.

Your gift in any amount makes a difference in a child’s life and a powerful impact for the child, the child’s family, and the our community.

What Your Gift of Rupees 10,000 Covers:

The treatment necessary for children to be seen by a trained physician, cast technician, and counselor for the necessary number of cast treatments, for supplying and fitting a brace (a special shoe and bar that is used for 3-4 years), and the follow-up visits and other quality assurances to ensure good results up until the child’s third or fourth birthday. An older children’s care follows the same pattern, but with varying number of casts and other visits.

Send donations to:
CURE International India
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Inquiries can be made to:
Ph: 011-25504730
National Helpline: +91-996 800 8483
Donor Helpline: +91-986 836 6396